Wisdom's Fool: A Biography of St. Louis De Montfort

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Author: Eddie Doherty

Edition: 1st Paperback Edition

ISBN: 0910984093

Number Of Pages: 242

Publisher: Madonna House Pubns

Details: Priest, poet, founder of Religious Congregations, miracle worker, preacher of the Cross and prophet of the Reign of Christ through Mary.

The gripping story of a man misunderstood by many of his contemporaries, but whose influence can be compared only to that of the masters of the Spiritual Life. His message was simple: The closer one comes to Mary, the closer one draws to God.

Eddie Doherty was introduced to Saint Louis de Montfort and his Marian way of spiritual life through his spiritual director, Fr. John Callahan. He became at once fascinated by this great lover of the poor who was at once a poet, preacher, and apostle of Incarnate Wisdom, Jesus Christ, and of his mother, Mary. A pilgrimage to de Montfort's country, for purposes of research, enabled him to walk in the footsteps of the saint and to discover for himself the spirit that animated the spiritual giant he writes so well about in this biography.