The Atonement of Jesus Christ: A study of the saving atonement of Jesus Christ

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Author: Kevan Kingsley Clawson

Brand: Brand: Walking the Line Publications


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ISBN: 0971454019

Number Of Pages: 98

Publisher: Walking the Line Publications

Details: In this book the author parts the veil of mystery, and, perhaps for the first time, presents answers to the most profound questions concerning the atonement: Why was the atonement necessary? Where did the atonement actually occur? Why did Christ have to shed his blood? How does the atonement actually work? How were people forgiven of their personal sins before the atonement occurred? How do we solve the paradox of faith and works? Is Christ's atonement enough, or must we, like Paul admonishes, work out our salvation with fear and trembling? Be prepared to have your understanding of the atonement challenged and your knowledge of the truth expanded. In the end you will be enriched, enlightened, and inspired.