Rewinding Your Biological Clock: Motherhood Late in Life

Rewinding Your Biological Clock: Motherhood Late in Life

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Author: Richard J. Paulson

Edition: First Edition, 1st Printing

ISBN: 071673303X

Number Of Pages: 288

Publisher: W.H. Freeman & Company

Details: In 1996, headlines around the world announced that 63-year-old Arceli Keh had just become the oldest woman in the world to give birth. Dr. Richard Paulson had assisted Mrs. Keh by using a donor egg and in vitro fertilization. This incredible example of how assisted reproductive technologies, or ART, can change the course of nature has raised tough biological, emotional, and ethical issues that will be debated for years to come.

Rewinding Your Biological Clock is a unique exploration of each of these issues, especially the "how to" of peri- and post-menopausal pregnancy. It tells the story of forty-eight-year-old Sarah, a woman who decides to become a mother after she is no longer physiologically capable of conceiving without technological assistance. We learn about her motivations, her fears, and her hopes, and see the hard decisions she must make about the difficult--but ultimately rewarding--process ahead. Alternating with Sarah's story are chapters that explain the medical procedures involved, including a step-by-step guide to the process of egg donation as well as other reproductive technologies.

For any woman at or approaching menopause--with or without children--or anyone curious about the exciting new possibilities for motherhood Rewinding Your Biological Clock is an invaluable guide for becoming a parent late in life.