Long Day's Journey into War: December 7, 1941

Long Day's Journey into War: December 7, 1941

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Author: Stanley Weintraub


  • Military
  • World War II
  • Politics & Government

ISBN: 0525933441

Number Of Pages: 720

Publisher: Dutton

Details: Recaptures the whirlwind events sweeping the globe on the most momentous day of the 20th cent. Brings the worldwide scope of the major turning point of WW2 to life. In Washington, the U.S. & Japanese governments move toward confrontation. In Tokyo, Emperor Hirohito listens for the first reports of war. Japanese landings in SE Asia are timed to coincide with carrier-plane & suicide-sub attacks on Hawaii. In Russia, the German onslaught crests against the counterattacks of the Red Army. In North Africa, Rommel discovers his limits. In Nazi-occupied Europe, Hitler s final solution is given its first grisly trial run. Events are revealed in hour-by-hour simultaneous time as scenes shift from frontlines to home fronts. Maps & photos.