Bass Guitar Scale Manual

Bass Guitar Scale Manual

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Author: Harvey Vinson

Brand: Music Sales


  • Bass Guitar Scale Manual Book
  • "This complete manual gives bassists a handy reference of scales, exercises, and rock and blues progressions in all the important keys
  • It can be used by beginning through advanced bassists
  • The Bass Guitar Scale Manual gives you standard notation and bass tablature
  • The bass scale book also includes a full-color note-finder poster

ISBN: 0825640644

Number Of Pages: 144

Publisher: Music Sales America

Details: (Music Sales America). Scales, exercises, rock and blues progressions for all grades in all the important keys. Standard notation and tablature plus full color note-finder poster are included. Chapters include: systems analysis * scales in open position * scales in closed position one octave scales * and scales in closed position two octave scales.