A Love Story

A Love Story

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Author: Denene Millner

Edition: First Edition, 1st Printing

ISBN: 0525948244

Number Of Pages: 256

Publisher: Dutton Adult

Details: The irresistible husband-and-wife duo behind Love Don’t Live Here Anymore and In Love and War returns with another romantic round of "his and hers" storytelling.

Writing with a winning combination of wit and dead-on savvy, Denene Millner and Nick Chiles take the tension up a notch in novels that unfold through alternating points of view. Now they apply their delicious he said/she said approach to the story of two childhood friends who wonder if the unbreakable bond they formed in their once-in-a-lifetime friendship would be in danger of snapping if they become lovers.

Aaron and Nina have been buddies ever since he moved into her neighborhood and offered her a piece of candy. Their families could not have been more different, but growing up across the street from each other helped these instant friends discover how much they actually had in common. Now, twenty-five years later, their friendship is stronger than ever. They’ve seen each other through a string of broken hearts and family feuds, but these playmates turned soul mates haven’t let their platonic love develop into anything more. With a lifetime of friendship at stake, is it worth it to take a chance on romance?

Fun and sexy, with secrets revealed at every turn, A Love Story proves that romance is even sweeter-and scarier-when the stakes are sky high.